Dealing with a rail interface often becomes a key project risk. Poor management at feasibility and early design stage can lead to decisions that have to be reversed later on, costing time and money. Poor management during detail design and construction, will lead to uncertainty about what needs to be delivered when, resulting in delays to approval or handover.

We offer experienced management of this critical interface. We will tailor our offer to the needs of your project. Whether you need a resource for a particular time, or you need to get a certain task completed, talk to us and we can agree a way forward that is economic and effective. The services we can offer include:

  • Optioneering and feasibility studies
  • Budget and programme advice
  • Risk reduction workshops
  • Rail interface management and agreement of deliverables
  • Compilation and review of temporary and design submissions, then negotiate approval with railway asset team
  • Compilation and review of Safe Methods of Work / Work Package Plans, then negotiate approval with railway asset team
  • Preparation and delivery of site-specific rail safety briefings to general construction workers

We would welcome a chance to talk to you about your project and suggest specific ways that we could help you. Please use the form on our contacts page to get in touch.