Great to see the largest of the steels on @isglimited 's Shoreditch Village Phase 2 went in yesterday making use of a railway closure. RailAD_Ltd photo

Good progress at Black and White with @MidGroupLtd - props on site and all railway approvals for the next 4 months in place. RailAD_Ltd photo

Today I was at a site where the Return Conductor is almost over the boundary fence. This cable can carry 25kV if there is a fault in the OLE system.
To build safely the project team have developed an innovative solution to slide the building into position. More details soon!
RailAD_Ltd photo

Last weekend the cranes went up on our project in Brighton with HG Construction. Great to see another scheme moving forward, and with the railway asset protection deliverables well advanced already. RailAD_Ltd photo

Pleased to announce that RAD have selected @LeewayDV - a charity working to support those suffering domestic violence and abuse in Norfolk and Suffolk - as our charity partner for 2020/21. Important work at any time, but of course with the current situation it is even more vital

Piling underway at another scheme we are supporting in Shoreditch with @MidGroupLtd RailAD_Ltd photo