Sometimes the railway interface for a project is not obvious. We are helping with this scheme at the moment and the railway is the other side of the trees at the extreme top left of the picture. RailAD_Ltd photo

One of our projects at Cambridge Heath Rd for @NestEastLondon will soon have the envelope complete.
Challenging scaffold within 2m of the OLE meant possession working and solid screening with Stormboard, to get better electrical resistance than plywood.
RailAD_Ltd photo

Just read an article by an old colleague of mine, Phillip Jeffers about Camden Lock Village

It was a great project to work on, with lots of rail involvement both with @networkrail and @TfL

Take a look at
RailAD_Ltd photo

Great to see work starting on another scheme next to a railway that RAD are providing rail interface support for. This time a scheme in Brighton for @MCLGroupPLC RailAD_Ltd photo

Nice picture of the work at Shoreditch underway earlier this month with @ISGplc and Erith Group. Asset protection for the railway by RAD. #railways #Assetmanagement #infrastructure #Construction RailAD_Ltd photo

Demolition at the Black and White building is now well under way. Rail Asset Development have helped protect the neighbouring railway land and the railway itself. RailAD_Ltd photo